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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Strict process is applied with technical support to the SOP and Inspection Manuals at each of IQC, PQC and

OQC facility.  Precision inspection and testing equipments are such as Micrometers; Thread Gauges...etc.  


Microscopes are used to reinforce the results.  Furthermore, frequent random sampling inspection is
conducted to control the defective rate far below the acceptance level. 


The goal makes our customers worldwide obtain excellent products with stable quality. In the past 32 years,
we've also seen the goal be exactly reached and always give great reputation in return and strong support
our customers. All of requirements for quality defined as per ISO 9001:2008 certificate will not only be
fulfilled but also advanced and extended all the time.


Quality Assurance   Quality Assurance     Quality Assurance

Regionally Enlarge Measuring          Inspecting by Microscope                   Cable Test
for parts with projector                                                                             for Electricity Transmission


Researching & Developing

Project Management

l  Schedule an initial project opening meeting.
l  Discuss and define the feasibility of the project.
l  Uncover every item required to make the project happen.
l  Define a project schedule with achieving date specified for each researching or engineering job.
l  Schedule project review meetings on a timely basis till project completion.

Project Management        Project Management        Arthur-Yang Industrial CO.
New Project Meeting                       Discussion on                               Conference Room
                                                     Dimension of Parts    


l   Auto Cad 2000, 2006 2007 Versions
    Both of the hardware and software are equipped to generate the ever best engineering jobs.

l  HP Network Analyzer
    HP Network Analyzer, the brand-new excellent equipment, has now joined our testing facility to
ensure that the connectors have performed specifications  as designed for application in RF
wireless industries. 

l Plating Thickness Measurement System
    Fischer X-RAY 550A


     HP Network Analyzer        Fischer X-RAY 550A

     HP Network Analyzer                                                    Fischer X-RAY 550A
     Ensure specified                                                           Measurement system for Plating Thickness
     Performance for Connectors