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An antenna is a transducer designed to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. In other words, antennas
convert electromagnetic waves into electrical currents and vice versa. Antennas are used in systems such as

and television broadcasting, point-to-point radio communication, GSM, GPS, Wireless LAN, Radar, and
space exploration.  Antennas usually work in air or outer space,  but can also be operated under water or even
through soil and rock at certain frequencies for short distances.

         RF Antenna      RF Antenna

Suitable connectors for this type of Application are the following:

A. SMA: A good choice for GPS, Engine Board, Antenna Module, GPS/ Mini GPS/ GSM Antenna. 

B. R/P SMA: Reverse Polarity SMA Connector. 

C. R/P BNC: Reverse Polarity BNC Connector. 

D. BNC Connectors are ideal for GPS Antenna Module, GPS Antenna, networking cards,
and Ethernet devices.

E. The TNC connector are ideal use in GPS Antenna Module,
cellular telephone RF/antenna connections, Radar.

 F. MCX : This type of connector is used on some Extreme Base Station’s external antenna port
and requires an adapter for most antennas.

G. The “F” series connectors are primarily utilized in television cable and antenna applications. 
 Panel Mount connectors can also be used for planar or base station antennas.

H. FME Connector are excellent choice for cellular/ GPS/ GSM Antenna. 

I . N Type connectors are suitable for Antenna, Radar, Radios. 

J. MMCX Connectors are excellent for Antenna, Radar, Radios.

K. SMA, SMB, SMC in straight or R/A also Available for GPS Antenna Module, GPS Antenna.