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Broadband is an always-on Internet connection a type of data transmission in which a single medium (wire)
can carry several channels at once that gives you high-speed access and downloads. It's been the indispensible
element for various faster networking in the era.

Broadband services can be delivered by different ways - over an ordinary telephone wire of a local telephone network provides digital data transmission (ADSL, one DSL family of technologies), over a cable-TV connection (Cable),
or Fixed wireless or wirelessly through the air via a satellite dish aerial.

RF connectors are also vastly used for broadband application such as Routers, Switches, Ethernet Network,
Broadband Network, Cable Modem, Testing Equipment, Instrumentation..... etc.




Suitable connectors for this type of Application:

A.  Ethernet Network: 1.6/5.6, BNC, SMA, SMB, MCX, SSMC

B.  Switches: 1.0/2.3, N, SMA, BNC, SMB, MCX

C.  Routers: 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, SMA,RP SMA,SMB,MCX

D.  Cable Modem: F(high speed Modems), BNC

E.  Test & Measurement: SMB, SMC