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Mobil Communication - The mobile phone or mobile, also called a  wireless,  celluar phone
cell  phone, cell speaker box,  or hand phone  (HP) , is a long-range , portable electronic device
used for mobile communication that uses a network of specialized base stations known as cell sites.

Mobil Communication

Suitable connectors for this type of Application:

A. Mini - UHF are also designed for Mobil Phones.
B. FME (for mobile equipment) connectors are used for mobile antenna applications.
C. TNC Connectors – This type of connector is used mainly in the cellular telephone 
     RF/antenna connections. 
D. BNC Connectors are also ideal for telecommunications, test, medical and various
     electronic equipments.
E. 7/16 Connector - This relatively new connector is finding popularity as an interconnect in 
    cellular and others so called "wireless" applications, especially on towers.
F. MCX Connectors– Is used mainly in the cellular phone industry, where size, cost and
    performance are all important. In fact the MCX is about 30% smaller in both size and
    weight than a SMB connector to which it has many similarities.
G. MMCX Connectors – this type of connector is 45% smaller that an SMB connector, the
     MMCX is ideal where a low profile outline is a key element. It is therefore ideal for
     applications where board height is limited, including applications where boards may be
     stacked. As such it is being widely used in many cellular telecommunications applications.