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Edge Mount

The Edge Mount provides the best overall board to connector electrical transition and launches the
connector interface parallel to the PCB giving the lowest overall height profile.

**This invention is directed to a low profile coaxial cable connector assembly for edge mounting to a
planar electronic device, such as a printed circuit board, where electrical circuitry is provided thereon
for electrically interconnecting to the assembly. The assembly comprises a dielectric housing having
at one end thereof a pair of spaced-apart, parallel walls adapted to straddle and be secured to the planar
electronic device, and at the opposite end thereof a cavity for the reception of an electrically terminated
coaxial cable. Within the other end a grounding contact clip is provided having a pair of parallelly extending
spring metal arms for receiving the terminated coaxial cable, and a signal contact for mating with the
terminated coaxial cable. The grounding clip and signal contact further include extensions therefrom for
electrically interconnecting to said planar electronic device, where the extensions are exposed between
the spaced-apart walls and may be soldered to complementary traces or pads on the surfaces of the
planar electronic device.

PC MOUNT – Connectors can be attached to the PCB Board through-hole mounting which can make
the connector permanently attached. Although nowadays, components were mechanically redesigned
to have connectors directly soldered to the surface of the PCB, allowing much higher circuit densities.