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The cable assemblies maintain their tightly controlled mechanical specifications over time, and high
vibration resistance ensures proper operation in the harshest environments.

A major step in the fabrication of a particular semi-rigid cable assembly is the forming or bending of the
raw stock (which is normally straight) into the desired shaped of configuration. This is necessary to
assure proper installation into the applicable equipment. Semi-rigid cable has an outer jacket (conductor)
and a center conductor, separated by a Teflon-type dielectric. In exacting applications, the distance
between the inner and outer conductors must remain the same, and deformation of the outer jacket
(conductor) is not permitted. During the forming or bending operation, the cable must be supported
and the bend made preferably in a single motion to prevent wrinkles and deformation of the outer jacket.
After the bend has been completed, it is not advisable to rebend the cable.